what will i forget?

isn't this always a fun game to play when you're packing?

i always remember to pack dumb things like christmas mouse ears, three pairs of flip flops, and pez dispensers (note: these things are all actually coming with me). but knowing me, i'll forget something major like my camera battery or wallet. silly nicki.

anyway, my flight leaves at 1:20 am out of sfo, so maddy and i are aiming to get to the airport around 10:30 pm. then we fly 14 hours to hong kong, kick it there for 2 hours, and then hop on another plane for a two and a half hour trip to bangkok. we'll arrive in bkk at 10:35 am local time, meet up with a group of people from the teach in thailand program, then hopefully go to a hotel where we'll be able to shower because i'm gonna be DIRTY. traveling dirty is a special kind of gross...full of grease and so caked on. YUMMY.

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  1. First! Back when I first saw that you didn't have any post I thought it would be a good idea to be the first on all of them but now I am tired. I don't think I can do it.