the animals in my life

(side note before i start this post: i just wrote a post about a sort of scandalous situation at school...but about an hour after i posted, i realized it reflected really badly on the school and since it's on the internet, it might get around and it might not be good for me and blah blah blah, so i decided to take it down. but i still have the post, so if you're curious, i'll send it to you.)

the eggs hatched. i can't believe i forgot to tell you. i'm a terrible person. georgia's eggs hatched about two weeks ago, and they're pretty much the ugliest birds i've ever seen. i was under the impression that all baby animals are cute, but that's incredibly false.

so i've gotten to watch them grow into more beautiful pigeons. (true fact: if reincarnation is what happens after death, i hope i'm a pigeon. i used to want to be a seagull, but pigeons are better. they kick it all over awesome monuments and in stunning nature, and that's what i wanna do.)  georgia has stopped sitting on them so much, so i've had a chance to check them out a little more and, more importantly, figure out what their names should be. i'm thinking, since they were born at the end of november, they should be something with the holiday season...oh, i just got a great idea. holly and daye. spelled all annoying like that. that's so cute. perfect.

ALSO, blog friends, i don't think i told you, but i got a fish about a month ago. it rocks. it doesn't have a name or a gender (reminds me of a 'human i used to know). i just call it fish. it once lived for five days without food. it can make it through days in a too-dirty tank because i sometimes get too busy to clean it. if this fish can survive having an arnold as its owner, it's a baller. it's my roommate, along with my best friend Internet. just the three of us, shoved in that tiny space, with holly and daye chillin' outside. we're all growing quite close.

p.s. blog shout out to john, who sent me a surprise package and made my day :-D


  1. oh, sure. name the pigeons but reject the fish. REAL COOL NICKI.

  2. holy sh1t! i want to be reincarnated as a pigeon too. Best. Animal. Ever.