the joy of packages

this week packages from nat AND my fam came. there's nothing better than a good package from home, or even a handwritten letter in a real envelope and everything. a couple times i've gotten mail on a particularly rough day and it absolutely made everything better. getting little bits of love from home helps me remember what a phenomenal support system i have back in america, which i desperately need from time to time. so to everyone who's sent me anything with any amount of postage on it, thank you. i appreciate it more than you know (or than i can express).

oh god, you guys, that was a sort of emotional paragraph wasn't it? GROSS. actually, in all honesty, i feel like i'm more emotional over here than i was at home...or maybe it's just because i'm not as busy, i have more time to actually stop and dwell in those emotions for a while...who knows. just be reassured, people who thought i was an emotional robot, that i'm apparently not.

in a completely non-thailand-related note, "just dance" will never be overplayed and it will always make me want to be in downtown sb on a thursday night.

p.s. you know how i know i'm becoming a real thai person? i messed up some labels on my calendar and i reached for some liquid paper (wite out).

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