i'm gonna do it. this afternoon, after class, i'm gonna go to the hair salon down the street and get my hair cut. my hair's needed a trim for a while, but i've been nervous to go. you know, there's that whole language barrier thing.

i'm trying to grow my hair out (no more short hair nicki!), so i want a pretty simple cut--a trim, really. just a trim on my layers and a little feathering in the front. so easy to explain in english. but in thai? yeah, right. you think i have the word "layer" or "feather" in my vocabulary? or that "feather" even means the same thing over here?

so i found a picture of pretty much what i'm asking for. it's kristin cavaleri (or however you spell her last name), and i really super hate that whore, but she's got a nice, basic little hair cut in this picture. i printed her out, and i'll take her with me this afternoon. maddy's coming, too, so she can document and yell out if the hair stylist starts doing something really bad.

wish me luck.


well, i guess i'm not growing my hair out right now.


i think i match some of my students now. maybe we can bond over it?

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  1. Umm. I've for sure attempted to get that exact same haircut before. Good choice.