field trip!!

i think i'm about to be a chaperone on my first field trip ever. actually, i'll be somewhere between chaperone and person who needs a chaperone.

tash, maddy, a handful of thai teachers/administrators, and i are headed down to phuket tomorrow with the 8th-grade honors class for five days/four nights (to use the lingo, this is an english camp with our m2 smart class). i'd say i have no idea what to expect, but that's not true. they gave us a very detailed schedule of precisely what will happen every single hour of every single day of the trip. from march 7 at 7 am to march 11 at 8 pm, i know exactly what i'll be doing.

well, that's assuming we stick to the schedule with some sort of american punctuality. we'll see. either way, i'm super pumped. the kids are gonna have to just walk up to random white people and start speaking english with them. hilarity's bound to ensue.

but you know what sucks? i still haven't written about koh tao (aside from the burn incident). ohhhh well. i suppose pictures on fbook will have to suffice. it's so daunting to write about vacations...i wanna remember everything, every stupid travel detail and everything i ate and everyone i met, but writing about all of that gets to be SO LONG. those vacation posts are mostly for future nicki to look back on and remember all the crazy things past nicki did, so i apologize for when i include seemingly inane details or stories that are unfunny to people who weren't there.

anyway, it's just after midgnight and i'm gonna wake up around 6 am so i can be at school at 7 am...so, crap, i really should get some sleep. after phuket i'll be in suphan for like a week, so maybe i'll give you a good koh tao posting then. OHH i'll also tell you all of my travel plans for the next couple months cuz i know you're dying without them.

okay, nicki, stop typing. go to bed. see you next week, friends.

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