[6/20/10 9:45:05 AM] Nicki Arnold: i wanna shower then you wanna head down to banya's?
[6/20/10 9:45:35 AM] Madeline Armstrong: yeah, i should be ready in a half hour
[6/20/10 9:45:51 AM] Nicki Arnold: ...what are you doing?
[6/20/10 9:46:02 AM] Madeline Armstrong: nothing
[6/20/10 9:46:04 AM] Madeline Armstrong: lol
[6/20/10 9:46:17 AM] Madeline Armstrong: just want to move slowly

suphan sundays.

p.s. yes, another layout change.
p.p.s. I'M HANGING OUT WITH A.J. RAWLS IN PARIS IN NOVEMBER. for at least a week. in one of the most phenomenal cities in the world. this fact alone gets me through some of my toughest days.

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