mah jong, wine, and AMBER

i've wanted these three things in my life for a long time--the first since march, the last two since the moment i left america.


this is just a quick mid-vacation update. amber and mary arrived safely in bangkok on thursday evening and i met up with them friday. together we hopped on a plane to chiang mai, where we stayed in this gorgeous little hotel with a tile pool and a huge bed and a huge comforter and free breakfast and hilarious french kids. (when they were playing by the pool, a girl about ten years old came up and asked me ever so politely if i'd drown her brother for her. after all, i'm a girl--we're on the same team by nature.)

we went up to doi suthep on saturday (had to get skirts cuz we're whores) and hiked a little waterfall on the way down, even though our driver (smiley) insisted there wouldn't be enough water and it wouldn't be beautiful--so wrong, smiley. even though he said it wouldn't be worth it, he hiked with us. then i got a ton of bees in my shoes and two thai guys came over to help poor screaming me out. they said the bees were attracted to the lavender, but i think i've just had my shoes for too long.

we got massages every day.

day two we did a cooking class, dishes recommended by a flamboyant lady boy. pon was our little assistant chef (also a tiger, like amber and i). this chef who knew about three english words (too much, ok) helped us make phenomenally delicious food, which we had wayyyyyyyy too much of.

shopping. shopping. shopping. chiang mai night bazaar.

1:30 am soccer finals with at least 30 dutch natives who sang along with the national anthem and were decked out in bright orange. yes, it was awkward at the end of the game.

on saturday night we ducked in to the chiang mai saloon for a cheap margarita and stayed for three. we had to avoid the rain. flavors were questionable and hilarious (grapefruit = grape).

river cruise with a tired guide named ron and a nice belgian lady. we kicked it with some wild hogs (cindy!), one of whom peed for two minutes. seriously.

i gotta go to lunch now, and i know this post is a jumble of notes, but i just needed to write it down for my memory's sake. i love the regans. bye.

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