it's a laid back week in my classes. we're just singing a song. yesterday was "bad romance." kanchana's my co-teacher for some of my classes, and in the morning she took a sheet of lyrics to try to fill in herself. i sort of figured after class, she forgot about the whole lesson and went about her day.

but around 4 pm yesterday, she goes, "nickiiii. i don't understand. can you help me?" she's holding the lyrics. she wants to know what the song's about, so i tell her: lady gaga has said she wrote it about falling in love with a friend, and that can be a complicated (bad) romance.

this was not enough for kanchana--she wanted to go through the song line-by-line. the few other thai teachers left in the office started to perk their ears up because whoa american culture time. one line in the song goes, "i want your leather-studded kiss in the scene."

"what does this mean?" kanchana asked.
"umm...well, sex. it means she wants sex, kanchana."
i proceeded to explain that leather plus sex usually meant whips and bondage and such, and kanchana goes, "ohh, sadism?" yep, that'd be it.

by this point everyone left in the office is involved, maddy (who had whipped out a camera by this point) and i are busting up, and i can't quit blushing. then we come to the line "i want your vertical stick" and i was just like HOLY CRAP MAN THIS IS THE MOST HILARIOUS CONVERSATION I'VE EVER HAD.

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