I Hate the First Post

It's always real awkward.

Anyway, welcome to me: post-college edition. I'm mostly starting this up because I want to blog while I'm in Thailand teaching English from Oct. 2009 to Aug. 2010-ish (depending on how deeply I fall in love with Asia). But I'm already getting antsy at home and I'm eager to write again (I haven't done it for about two weeks now!), so I figured now would be a good a time as any to get this bad boy started.

The biggest difference between this blog and ones I've done previously is that I'll be using capital letters this time, which I rarely did before. I have this aversion to hitting the shift key and another button at the same time, so I've avoided capital letters for a long time. But all lowercase letters makes my blog look like it's written by a 13-year-old girl and not like the forward-thinking blog of a mastermind, like I'd hoped.

So come on in, friends, to this capital-letter-filled blog. Grab a drink and stay a while.


  1. First! And not only am I the first on this specific blog but the first on all blogs that you have done! This is such a great honor for me, manily because I know that your whole family is real big into the "internet".

    Also, if you don't like hitting the shift button before hitting a letter to capitilized said letter you can hit the caps lock button and then said letter and follow that all up with hitting the caps lock button again. I hope this advice clears up the whole capitilialization issue.

  2. john. great, quality set of comments on all the blogs. thank you. you're enriching my life.