One Month

I don't think I like capital letters. I know I wrote that whole paragraph in the last post about how lowercase letters made me look immature, but I just don't like the way it reads with capital letters. It's further from how I actually speak. Too formal.

and now i'm rid of them! wonderful. apologies to anyone who liked the capital letters better.

man, i bet you're wishing i'd hurry up and talk about something more interesting than capitalization now, huh? let's go into a discussion of my prep for thailand.

--> i've started my massive packing list, but the more i think about it, the less i'm convinced i need to pack. things will be cheaper over there and just as high quality (so i'm told). clothes make more sense to buy over there because i'm not entirely sure what's appropriate. aside from my ipod and computer, it seems like all the electronics i need will be over there. hmm. knowing me, i'll still find plenty of things to toss in that suitcase.

--> i'm going into kaiser on monday for some vaccinations. finally. i don't think i'm going to be able to finish the rabies vaccine in time (WHICH IS NOT MY FAULT BECAUSE I CALLED KAISER BACK IN JULY TO ASK ABOUT THIS SHIT. I AM ANGRY), but i guess that just means i have to avoid dogs and rabid stuff. what if i just wanted to play with rabid squirrels, kaiser, and now i can't do it? angry.

--> the thai language is still so beyond me. nicki fail.

hmmm...maybe talking about capitalization WAS more interesting.

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  1. First! I wouldn't worry too much about the whole rabies vaccine thing. Everyone knows that rabies is a white myth just like Larry Bird and Colorado. Don't listen to everything that the liberal media tells you.