that messy teacher

you know that teacher who sweats and gets the blue whiteboard marker all over her face and her white clothes?

that's me.

both wednesday and thursday, i managed to give myself a blue mustache, and yesterday i was smart enough to lean against the eraser holder along the bottom of the white board, which put a huge line of blue across my cream-colored skirt. good job, nicki.

oh, well. the kids don't seem to mind or disrespect me for it, but then again, they're not the type to openly be rude to me. i don't have to teach today...my co-teacher told me yesterday that she'll be doing all the lessons, so i'm just going to sit back and relax.

so one of my activities has been to pair the students up and have them introduce their partner in front of the class. i thought this would be a boring activity and the kids would hate me, but it's turned out to be a riot. even my choosing of partners has lead to hilarity. i paired this guy and this girl up, and when they were called to the front of the classroom, the kids uttered a huge "oOoOOoOoOo!" i leaned over to one of the girls and asked what everyone was so excited about.

her: "they're both the tallest in the class."
me: "ohhhh, so they're going to be in love." (and i make a heart with my hands)
her: (squealing and giggling) "yessss yes!"

so i'm a thai match maker. nbd. later in that same class, two girls came up and everyone just busted up. i asked another girl what was so funny, and she goes, "they have the same hair!"

everyone here has the same hair. seriously, everyone wears a uniform and all the younger girls have to have their hair cut the same (it's at this hideous length right below their ears. tough haircut for a pubescent girl). these two girls who had "the same hair," i guess, maybe hadn't had a haircut for a few weeks? both had their hair parted in the middle?

another question i like to ask the kids is where they want to live. one of the most popular answers from the girls has been korea. in fact, the first girl to mention korea in class usually gets another one of those "oOoOOoOOo!" noises. so i asked them what was so great about korea. i guess there's some sort of singer or multiple singers from korea? my co-teacher tells me they have "korean fever." lolz.

anyway, i'm off to another day of class. this afternoon we get fitted for our thai costumes for monday. one of the american directors took the big sizes to america, so we're going to have to squeeze into some tiny thai ones. this will be interesting.

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