suphanburi, thailand

i'd liken this town to san jose, i suppose. it's about an hour and a half outside of bangkok, depending on how you get there. lots of people live here, but mostly just because they work here. you wouldn't go out of your way to visit suphanburi as a tourist. lots of schools in this area, lots of stores, big ol' mall and a tesco lotus, which is a thai version of target (it's been a fantastic substitute so far).

so even though it's not filled with gorgeous waterfalls, huge buddhist temples, or famous old bridges, this isn't to say there's nothing to see and do in suphanburi. like on thursday night, ally, maddy, and i took a walk toward the river that runs through town, just because we wanted to get outside. we just kept wandering, and eventually stumbled upon this:

just a gigantic dragon, chillin there like it ain't no thang. we asked some people at school about it the next day, and it's apparently a big chinese culture museum. if i did things like actually research a town before i live in it, i probably would've known that, but so it goes. either way, we were massively impressed and plan on going back in the light of day to actually go inside.

then yesterday, on the hottest halloween of my life and also the only one i didn't dress up for (sadface), a bunch of us were wandering the streets of suphanburi on our way to the tower, which is this big thing in the middle-ish of town. we figured we'd get to the bottom of it, look up and go, "whoa, that's really big," then go home.

but then there was a fountain. i just tried to attach a picture but blogger was like, "no, stop it, you can't do this right now," so you'll have to look on fbook. the fountain was a massive circle and water spurted up from the ground, choreographed with some thai tunes. we frolicked (i've never used this word more appropriately) in the fountain forever, then walked home along the river in our comfortably wet clothes. perfect halloween.

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