"um, it was good"

one of the other thai teachers in the office, miew, got married on sunday. she didn't even mention it last week; we found out through the grapevine from a teacher in a different office. when we asked her last thursday, she sort of smiled and shrugged and went, "who did you find out from?" no glowing. no nothing.

she wasn't around yesterday, so we asked her about it when she walked in just a second ago.

"good morning, miew."
"ohh, good morning."
"how was your wedding?"
(miew shrugs again, sort of looks to the floor, shakes her head, looks up with a half-smile) "it was okay. good."

that's it. no honeymoon, no wedding photos, no gushing over a gorgeous dress and no giggles about the first night as a married couple. basically just another sunday, but this time with her wedding. nbd.

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