thursday, third period

10:10 am--bell rings

10:15 am--i arrive in the classroom. no students.

10:25 am--still no students. keep in mind, this class only goes until 11 am, and the kids only have english with me once a week.

10:30 am--students finally trickle in. we're still missing half the class.

10:35 am--miew says the students are ready. the kids don't stand up and greet me or anything. i just start...halfway through class.

10:45 am--even more students walk in. we've started the activity already, so i tell them they can just sit to the side and wait. they ignore me.

10:47 am--i get mad at a kid for talking; i shush and look angrily at the whole class; i get mad at another kid for wearing headphones and having NO IDEA what's going on.

10:50 am--i scold the same kid for putting his headphones back in.

10:55 am--i decide to give these stupid kids some homework.

teacher nicki mad.

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