a burger and fries

it's my i'm-not-in-america-but-i-need-to-celebrate-thanksgiving-anyway tradition. paris 2007, it was a huge, delicious, meaty burger at "breakfast in america." two years later, i had a not so huge but just as delicious burger at some place off khaosan road in thailand. excellent choice.

why travel all the way to bangkok when the thai-farang place across the street in suphanburi sells a mean burger, nicki? well, friend, let me tell you. maddy, sam, ally, and i needed to get tickets to go to koh phi phi for new years and rumor had it tickets were significantly cheaper if you bought them at the station itself. and it only takes an hour and a half or so to get there, so nbd. we went.

it was sort of a weird day for me. i realized this blog has mostly just been a bullet by bullet summary of everything i've done, which is all fine and good, but i haven't talked about my feelings much (shocking, i know).

but i was homesick today. and now i feel like i need to talk about emotions (nat's dying of happiness right now). i don't think i let on too much, but i was missing home real bad. it seems like we've been talking a lot about home lately cuz of the holidays, and just thinking about how much i love thanksgiving week in san ramon made me wish i could go back, just for a couple days. when i started to explain thanksgiving to my wonderful first class this morning, my chest twisted and my words stopped themselves in my throat for a second.

these little bouts of homesickness aren't really a big deal. i'm still so happy for thailand, and so happy about my friends here, and i'm not thinking about going home at all. just...some days i miss california and my family (in every sense of the word) more than others. i'm thankful for the good life i have in the states and here in thailand.

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