so, would you like a job?

after class, maddy and i walked into the teachers' office and saw tons of strangers milling about. kanchana introduced us to a short woman dressed in an elaborate thai costume, and a guy started snapping pictures of us chatting with the woman.

turns out all of these people (maybe 10 or so) are from a university which may or may not have been kasetsart university...i dunno, i couldn't really understand her. the camera man directed us outside so we could all take a picture together, then the group picture devolved into small talk. tahsh, maddy, and i talked to this short university professor/administrator for maybe 20 minutes about nothing in particular--how she spent some time in los angeles and rode the bus, about how we don't like busy cities that much, about how there's a buffalo village in suphanburi, blah blah blah.

once or twice, the tiny woman sort of joked about us working at the university when we finished our contracts, but i sort of figured it was a complete joke. but then, right at the end of the conversation, right when everyone was leaving, the tiny woman called over this other university man.

"ask them to work at the university."

so right there, in the middle of the hallway at our school (a school we've only taught at for a month! out of a year-long contract!), a man offered us jobs as university professors. doesn't matter what credentials we have, doesn't matter how much we've taught, nothing. we just know how to speak english, and that's good enough to be a university professor.

oh, and just to be sure we knew he was serious, the man leaned in at the end of the conversation and goes, "we offer 35...35,000 baht for 12 hours a week. five hundred baht for every hour over that."

SO, all of my jobless friends, don't worry so much. know that you're already qualified to be a university professor in thailand.

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