i'm into it this year. maddy said to me one day, "i think i'm gonna try to get into the world cup this year." i was like EFF YES this is a great idea, so we started researching the cup and spread the idea. now everybody around here has a team (i'm america--can't betray the usa, duh), we're in an fbook group, and i have a feeling watching games down the street at mr. wit's bar will become a habit. the second game is on at 9 pm here, which is perfect cuz 9 pm is also game watching o'clock.

i know, i know. i'm being such a poser just getting into soccer now when it's cool and trendy and stuff. i don't give a crap.

yuk, i have a bug bite right on my neck. the mosquitos are out with a vengeance this time of year.

oh, to change the subject completely, maddy and i went to bangkok yesterday. i needed to buy a new camera (that whole lost purse in samet thing) and wanted to go to panthip to do it. i've also been on the hunt for a mah jong board for a while now, and efei was like, "um why don't you go to chinatown?" duhhhh nicki. so maddy and i left suphan around noon with a set bangkok itinerary. this is the only way to do bangkok. we're PROS at this city now. if you need some shit done in bangkok, you come to us.

so we got into panthip, avoided the douches selling pirated dvds, and went straight to the canon booth. i picked out the camera, paid the guy (who took my cash from me and disappeared for an uncomfortably long time before he returned with my camera), and we were OUT. on the walk back to the bts we walked past micky d's and saw that they had world cup glasses and we were like HOLY CRAP WE MUST OWN THOSE IMMEDIATELY. so we bought them.

we hopped back on the bts and made our way over to chinatown, stumbling through the streets and eventually making it on to yaowarat street, the heart of the town of chinese. i have no idea why we've never been here cuz chinatown rules. it wasn't loud and crazy and headache-inducing like the other parts of bangkok. oh, no, don't get me wrong--it was crowded and the stores were in a senseless jumble and the streets were still crammed with food carts. but it was somehow quieter. hard to explain.

(also, my brain is jumbled cuz i may or may not have had a few beers with the argentina-nicaragua game last night.)

anyway, we bought some chinese snacks (aroi maaaaaaaaaak), had some spring rolls, and sat down at a street stall and had noodle soup, watching the traffic go by and enjoying dinner with strangers. street food is one of the number one things i'll miss about asia.

we got home last night around 8:40 pm and headed right out to wit's for the argentina game. oh, and re: usa vs england game, a tie is ok. we'll take what we can get.

oh also, i changed my template cuz blogger's got all these cute new ones and when i signed on it was like "HEY user, wanna have one of these?" and i was like "yes."

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