notes on thailand

  • hula hooping seems to be very popular right now. i'm waiting for skip it to make its thai debut.
  • sweetened condensed milk is a regular and extremely popular condiment. you have an iced coffee? let's put some scm in it. you have a pancake (roti, which is really more crepe-like than pancake-like)? i bet it'd taste good with some scm. i see you have a mango there--what do you think about pouring some scm on it? 
  • i still have 700+ students. this is normal.
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner can all be the same meal--some form of noodles and rice. there's no such thing as "breakfast food."
  • robert pattinson is known as RPattz to my girls.
  • slapstick comedy reigns supreme.
  • the conversational equivalent of "hey, how are you?" is "hey, have you eaten yet?" the question literally translates to "have you had rice yet?"
  • having a huge nose with a monstrous bridge is incredibly sexy. some of my students stare at my nose in awe and touch theirs with a bit of sadness. rumor has it thais don't like to wear sunglasses because they don't rest on their noses well.


  1. 5555 way to nail down the truths.

    one last one:

    the south of thailand is great. the south of vietnam? poopoocaca.

  2. poopoocaca...lolz...every time.