buddhist monks in the morning, concert in the afternoon

we didn't have class today (as usual. i swear, i've spent more days NOT working at sanguan ying than i have working. no complaints here.). the thai teachers explained to us that there would be buddhist monks coming to bless this new building at the school so the school could be prosperous. during the ceremony, the students and teachers also stuck all this money on to a money tree. the money will go to the monks and the school (but mostly the school, says our coordinator. they're hoping this new buildling will be air conditioned).

so at 9 am, in this sticky, hot heat, we went to the monk ceremony. all the kids were sitting down in the outdoor gym/auditorium, watching the 10 or so monks sitting up on stage. a lot of stuff went on in thai. i got sweaty and bored.

in the afternoon, the thai teachers explained, there would be a concert to promote a drug-free lifestyle. awesome. so i'm figuring it's gonna be a small thing. maybe a local band, maybe some students who are really good on the drums. not a big deal.

SO SO FALSE. it was huge. girls were screaming like we were at a beatles reunion tour or something. three bands came: some thai named band, the worm, and spinhead. the LOVE these bands. oh holy crap. they were rushing the stage, screaming at a pitch that would've broken windows had we been indoors. the girls at the front stuck their hands up just to touch the lead singer's hands, just for a second. after the worm had finished playing, they were out in their van and a crap ton of girls bumrushed the van, begging for pictures and autographs.

they were the jonas brothers, thailand. maddy said their clothes looked like they literally got them off the jo bros' backs. it's good to know middle and high school girls all around the world are the same.

here, just in case you're craving some spinhead now, check it out:


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