the exhibition

it's happening today. it's apparently a huge deal, but we have almost zero idea what's going on. if you want to know anything around here, you have to piece together bits of different conversations from different people. last week, kanchana told us the thai teachers wanted us to come up with some game ideas because the teachers weren't creative enough. (it seems to be a widely held belief among thais that foreigners know and are really good at tons of games for students.) so we brainstormed a whole list and showed kanchana on monday. she just told us to write down what supplies we'd need to play the games.

ok, so apparently we're leading these games. for how many students? we had no idea. we only knew it'd be in the downstairs area.

yesterday, they asked us how we wanted our board decorated, how many chairs we wanted, and how many tables we wanted. just tell the students what you want and they'll give it to you.

um...we have no idea what's going on. we'd love to be able to order the students around like slaves, but we have  no clue what the end game here is, so it's pretty hard to organize some means. we tried to ask bird and other teachers what we were supposed to be doing, but everyone repeatedly just told us to "play games. just play games." then they'd quiz us incessantly on what games we were playing. JUST PICTIONARY, OK? we're just playing pictionary with an unknown number of students, maybe from different schools, maybe from different areas, maybe with their parents. we'll just have to see what kind of games work once the day starts because we have almost zero idea what to do.

exhibition day starts in 15 minutes. wish us luck. expect pictures.

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