exploring the north

going away for the weekend again. indeed, the weekend is starting on a tuesday. you're jealous, i know. we're headed up to chiang mai for the weekend. well, assuming we get on the right van from suphanburi to bangkok, get a taxi from the center of bangkok to the big airport, find where we pick up our train tickets, hop in a taxi to the train station, and make it on our train by 10 pm, then we'll be in chiang mai tomorrow. there's a lot of room for mess ups/delays/really bad things to happen tonight en route. yeesh. i'm nervous eating right now.

anyway, i'm pretty sure we're gonna make it, and once we're up there i'm not gonna be on the internet. weird, i know, especially for this girl. so again, i apologize for the lack of updating and such, but i'll make it up to you on monday.

peace out, friends :-D

random side note: the most serious man in our office is blasting beyonce on his lap top right now. 555

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