i guess i have a job?

i was accepted to the teach in thailand program in may. in july, i was given a placement in a thai school. in october, i flew to thailand with the intention of being trained as a teacher so i could work in said school. last week, i signed a contract saying i agreed to a bunch of terms as a teacher at this school. on paper, it looks exactly like i have a real-person job.

but if you looked at me and watched me for a while, you'd never guess that what i'm doing all day is working. this isn't one of those "oh my god, i just love my job soooooooo much!!! i would never call it WORK! it's the best thing ever!!!!111!!" literally, i hardly ever work. i have 3-5 classes a day, but we get time off all the time. i'm only working two days this week; last week, we only taught for a day and a half. i actually don't think we've had a full week of teaching yet.

even when we do have a full day, it's full of all this great stuff that's not teaching. like today's tahsh's birthday, so the teachers have been shoving food down our throats all day ("here, it's 9:15 am, have some fresh salad. keep eating it because there's a lot left. here, have some cake. here, have some ice cream on bread. here, have some pineapple. here, eat some cookies, they're your favorite. never stop eating, fat americans."). maddy went to her class at least 20 minutes late because we were singing happy birthday. don't worry, the teachers said; the kids will wait for you.

and even when i go to class, it's not like the teachers are expecting much of me. just play games and have the kids practice english for an hour. it doesn't matter what it is. just have them speak english. it'll be fine.

this job rules.

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