today's tahsh's 25th birthday (in america...in china, it'd be her 26th, apparently), so the night was up to her. her only goal? to sing karaoke.

but first we had to eat. obviously. because it's a main part of living here. so we went to a place just down the road, and then a hilarious thing happened. tahsh was enjoying her second dish of the night (number one was not delicious) when she bit down on something hard in her egg: a screw. a screw was sitting there in her egg, in the middle of her noodles. we laughed hysterically (i think i might have done a semblance of the seal laugh), then sunny told tahsh she should tell the cook.

so tahsh waves the cook over, points to the screw and asks, "what's that?"

"gung," (shrimp) the cook says first, like tahsh is some sort of idiot.

"no, that!" tahsh pointed again to the screw. the cook sort of looked at it funny, knew it didn't belong, and then stuck her fingers in the meal, took the screw out, and walked away like it was nothing. it wasn't a dainty little "ooo, i'm just going to stick the tips of my very clean fingers in here to fish out this gross thing! sorry!" the cook's dirty fingers slammed into the dish, touched more of the meal than was necessary and grabbed the screw like it was gonna jump back out of her hands.

after that whole fiasco, with sore abs and empty plates (yes, tahsh finished hers, mostly cuz she's a baller), mr wat, our thai man friend, met us at the dinner place so we could all go to karaoke together. he said he'd take us to the best place in town, and we trusted him, so off we went. the group sort of dwindled down so it was only sam, maddy, tahsh, mr. wat, and i going to the karaoke place. these people are easily my least favorite of everybody i know in the world, so i super wasn't looking forward to it, but whatever.

we pulled up to the fanciest hotel in suphanburi and headed to the 6th floor cuz we're super pimps. the fancy waitresses greeted us as we stepped out of the elevator and lead us to our own private karaoke room. I KNOW. hilarity ensued. tahsh is the greatest karaoke-ist i've ever seen.

birthdays are pretty neat in this country.


  1. yeah? well you're my least favorite person of all time, and I reckon sam would agree.