escaping the hospital

i got tired of that place so i was just like "PEACE OUT, BITCHES!" and ran away.

no i didn't. my platelet count was better today and the fever stayed away, so as promised, i was released this morning! i'm still supposed to be careful cuz my platelet count is still lower then normal, so if i fall down or something i might bleed internally. (i already hit my head on the cieling in the guesthouse...oops.) after a minor debacle with insurance--because insurance can never go smoothly--i filled out a customer service paper, got my meds in this cute goodie bag, and went on my way. lexa and maddy stuck around to help me get out of the hospital and check into mandalay inn in siem reap. this is a cute little place. i've got two beds for no reason, a tv with english channels, a/c, and my own bathroom. livin it up.

oh, i'm by myself cuz lexa and maddy are off to vietnam. lexa's dad is over here for one last asian hurray, so since maddy'd already seen angkor and that's all i'm planning on doing with the rest of my trip, she figured she might as well join lexa.

i'm thrilled to explore angkor by myself tomorrow and the next day. it seems like the kind of place where i'll wanna get lost staring at stuff, and i'm not gonna wanna worry about holding people back. so this should be great.

unfortunately, this means no laos this time. maybe that's just fate's way of saying one week wasn't enough anyway, come back when you have more time.

i should go to bed soon...sunrise at angkor wat tomorrow morning :-)

but first, THANK YOU all for your well wishes and good thoughts while i was holed up there in the hospital. <3

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