no more needles in my skin!

my doctor came in again to check up on me and reassure me that i'd be out tomorrow if my platelet count was up and my fever down.

"anything else?" he asked.
"um...when can i get this out?" pointing to this annoying iv stuck in my hand
"oh, you want it out?"
yes, very sweet doctor, i would like this very annoying needle-bob-thingy out of the vein in my hand, thank you.

three minutes later, the nurse came back, peeled it off, and i'm free!

ALSO, you guys, we totally missed celebrating my 100th post. i think it was that one about sextuplets.


  1. In 2010 you made 53th post and in 2009 you made 44. This is only 97. I don't know if in Thailand 97 means 100 but in America it doesn't.