april was supposed to be the hottest month

that's what everyone said--the internet, the teachers in the office, people who have read lonely planet, everyone. "get out of thailand in april," thai people warned us.

rocking, so april was indeed pretty friggin  hot and now it's may, but IT'S STILL SO HOT. there's a story in the bangkok post today about how it's almost a heat wave and there's a nearly fatal threat of exhaustion throughout the country.

"Health officials fear there will be heat stroke fatalities if the high temperatures continue for several more days."
"Department records showed the maximum temperature in Bangkok hit 39.7C on Monday, three degrees above the hottest day on April 27 when the temperature reached 36.7C."
"'The extremely hot weather will stay for another few days,' Mr Maytee said."

another few days. awesome.

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