you're tan now

i went down the street today to drop off my laundry and get some coffee, so of course i had to walk by the place on the left. the two women were sweet as always...the young one who makes the food asked me easy things in thai (was it fun? beautiful? where did you go?) but the old lady said some mostly unintelligible things so i just smiled and nodded. efei and sisi were inside eating some grub, so i popped in to catch up to them. one of efei's first comments to me was that i looked skinnier in my face. of course that woman would make a remark on my weight right off the bat. nobody thinks more about bodies than efei. the old woman pointed to my skin and must've made some comment about how i was tanner.

then i went to ban ya's to catch up and get some coffee (first coffee since before i checked into the hospital! worapoj told me i couldn't have caffeine/alcohol for five days after i checked out. psh, communist). first thing she said was how i was tanner now.

ohhh suphan people, it's good to be back in your very observant company.

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