things i would say to roommates

aka dumb things i'd say just to say.

i wanna do toastmasters again. i really miss it. i know i couldn't recreate the exact experience i had at school and it'd probably be an awkward let down, but i wanna try. the main bangkok club meets monday nights, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. the sucky part about that is that the last van to suphan leaves at 8:30 pm or something like that. too early for me to finish up the meeting and catch it back. so i could go to the meeting at just leave at 8 pm...but i don't wanna be one of those early leavers. it's always like they're not REALLY part of the club. and what if someone's giving a really good speech or i'm really clicking with some people there and i wanna hang out after? i can't stay in bangkok overnight...oooh or maybe i could. maybe i could just catch the early van back to suphan on tuesday morning...

OR here's my even more brilliant/idiotic idea. what if i rented a car? let me tell you how much i miss driving: A LOT. i  know, i know, the traffic's insane here, i'd probably get in a thousand accidents, they drive on the left, it's so stupid, blah blah blah. but how fun would it be to have a car? we could just flit around central thailand on the weekends, dash out to kanchanaburi/ayutthaya/insert a place in thailand without worrying about a bus. that would be neat.

oh wow. renting a car is expensive. budget tells me it's about 1,000 baht/day for the cheapest one. man, i don't make that much money in a month. *sigh* looks like car rental is OUT.

man, living alone is boring. the only advantage is that i get to listen to country music all the time.


  1. and also, barf on the country music. that shit better be turned off when i come back.

  2. Maddy is right. How is listening to country music an advantage?

  3. you guys have terrible taste in music.